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Most popular and effective solution:

Edison’s full-service IP enforcement solution combines our Takedowns and Lawsuit services for a seamless, comprehensive IP enforcement plan.

Collect more money:

Clients who take advantage of both our Takedowns and Lawsuit strategies are able to sue 33% more infringers.

Immediate results:

If getting listings off the internet right away is a priority for you, the full-service option may be your best bet.

Takedowns alone leave money on the table:

Don’t make the mistake of many who rush to take down listings without considering how to collect money from them. If you take listings down without collecting evidence, you can’t sue them later.

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The Edison Difference

Humans + Software

Unlike our competitors, we don’t rely solely on software to identify infringement. With the help of our proprietary software, an experienced legal analyst will get to know the ins and outs of your intellectual property and stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters. Software is no longer enough. Counterfeiters have outsmarted automated solutions by editing copyrighted photographs to evade AI detection, or modifying trademark usage (N1ke vs. Nike) to evade scraping software, and software leaves a blind spot when it comes to identifying patent infringement. With humans + software, you get the best of both worlds.

Personalized Customer Service

Unlike our competitors, you get more than just a flashy dashboard. You’ll have a point person assigned to your brand to ensure custom requests and questions are accommodated in a timely manner. Every client’s situation is unique, and we customize our takedown submissions to cater to individual brands’ needs.

Built-in Lawsuits

With Edison’s 6+ years of expertise in anti-counterfeiting lawsuits, our Takedowns service is designed with lawsuits in mind. We gather courtroom-ready evidence in parallel to issuing takedowns so that when we reach a critical mass of infringers, initiating a lawsuit is seamless. We even purchase one item from each infringer and ship it to our warehouses across the United States where we inspect and catalog it for use as evidence. None of our competitors offer this sample purchasing service, which is a crucial step in ensuring your lawsuit is as strong as possible and we collect the most money from your counterfeiters.

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